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Students Getting Started      

  This section features Day 1 Getting Started information as well as PDF and Video tips and resources.

Best SAE Practices (Sample SAE projects)      
  View SAE scenarios/sample SAE projects that cover essential steps for a quality project. Your SAE project may be a base Foundational SAE or an Immersion SAE, but in any case these guides can help!

FFA Award Resources      
If you are needing help with FFA Awards and import AET connection, this is your place! Also, view resources on different award and other applications listed in your degree application manager.

Assist in your Chapter's Strategic Planning & National Chapter Award      
Share with your teacher you would like to assist in the chapters Strategic Plan (POA) and follow the attached resources to complete the process from your AET student account.

Students can develop "Mentors" to review their digital portfolio in AET.  Learn more in our Managing Mentors Guide and video

Use Your AET Resume Information and Tallo to Plan Your Career      
  Showcase your skills, accomplishments, and report AET-related activities to colleges and companies looking for talent. 

AET Resume      

  Maintaining records in The AET helps to build a professional resume you can share with potential employers, educational institutions, and more.              

AET Journal      
  As you develop your SAE project (in The AET, this is called an "AET Experience"), you can journal investment of time. 

Animal AET Experiences (SAEs)      

  Learn how to manage your Animal SAE using the Breeding Herd Manager and/or Market Livestock Manager.

SAE and Other Finances      
  No matter your SAE type, finances are an integral part of maintaining records. This section features  PDF and video resources. 

AET Reports      
  Use reports in The AET to summarize your records and apply for FFA awards.

Paper Record Books      
    Try our printed record book solution to assist when you lack access to a computer. 

  AET Video Library

  AET Mobile
Visit to access The AET mobile app. Then, click "add to home screen" to add it to your mobile device.

Using the AET Web App for Students (Video)
FFA Journal with the AET Mobile App (Video)
AET Mobile for Students Guide (PDF)

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