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  Best Management Practices (BMP) for SAEs  
Select the SAE area that best fits your project experience and view specific step-by-step instructions for each area. Select the image that fits your experience and view examples of how to record your experience.

Experience Project
Business or Profit Center Project Research
Exploring and Getting Career Ready and Other Learning Experiences    Paid or Un-paid, School-Based Job or Service Learning Job Experience     Managing a Profit Center or School-Based Business Experience   Test, Invent, or Research an Idea or Complete a Service Learning Research Experience


SAE Plans/Training Agreement (choose linked here for more resources)      
SAE planning or commonly called a Training Agreement is a key part of your experience.  View Common project learning areas (linked here) and view plan resources aligned to your specific SAE. 

AET Experience Manager      
AET's Experience Manager helps you manage important aspects of your project. These are #1 develop a project plan, #2 keep records (time, photos/files and potential money), and #3 reflect on project results. View our video below:

Active and Inactive SAE Management      
As you reach the end of each year, evaluate if your projects are active or inactive. This does not change reporting or FFA awards, but does help you better track your progress and keep records. Learn more in our below video:

SAE Video Library from      
FFA has a great collection of SAE examples from students all over the country doing unique and creative SAE ideas! 

Select this link to access these great SAE examples of video SAE summaries!

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