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  SAE Plans/Training Agreement (choose linked here for more resources)  
Setting up SAEs and Creating an SAE Plan      
Worksheets for developing a Plan for the various types of SAEs can be found below: School-based and Service Learning SAEs are related to each type of the following SAEs.

One important area of SAE Planning is learning outcomes.  You can view all SAE learning areas and view potential learning experiences.  

Video Overview      

NameDate AddedSize
SAE Plan Entrepreneurship 2023 10/2/2023 1421 KB
SAE Plan Entrepreneurship PDF 10/2/2023 224 KB
SAE Plan Foundational 2023 10/2/2023 1420 KB
SAE Plan Foundational PDF 10/2/2023 221 KB
SAE Plan Placement Worksheet 2023 10/2/2023 1413 KB
SAE Plan Placement PDF 10/2/2023 209 KB
SAE Plan Research 2023 10/2/2023 1426 KB
SAE Plan Research PDF 10/2/2023 228 KB

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