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The AET believes all students, including FFA members and non-members, should have access to a quality agricultural experience record keeping system. The AET is an annual subscription service for your whole Agricultural Sciences Program. Annual subscriptions run through the fall-spring school year. The AET is not sold to individual students.

Pricing structure is based on the reported enrollment of your Ag Program. Annual cost is for the 2018-19 subscription term. Subscriptions begin the date you subscribe and expire October 15, 2019.

Subscription Tiers      

 1  1-40  $165
 2  41-120  $295
 3  121-200  $425
 4  201-300  $540
 5  301 or more  $690

  Billing/Payment Address
Single Program Subscriptions:
Ewell Educational Services
PO Box 3298
Glen Rose, TX  76043-3298

Group or State Subscriptions:
Hanagriff, Ewell & Murphy, Inc.
198 Pool Road 
Richards, Texas 77873

  Contact Us
Account Manager - Gena Hanagriff
(936) 661-4183
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