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  FFA Roster, FFA POA/Budget Reports & FFA Award Review  
PDF and Video Resources      
(1) The Using The AET to Submit to Guide (PDF) (4 min video) outlines the steps needed to select FFA members and submit their profile information to for membership. 
(2) The Using the FFA ID Roster Look Up Tool Guide (PDF) helps research FFA membership history.
(3) AET will also provide you with a POA and Budget Summary (5 min. Video) reports that are sometimes required by FFA. Learn how to manage and engage students to assist you in the process. Also see POA help

Local to State FFA Award Submission & Feedback      
This option depends on your state's adoption process of AET and if AET assist with your state evaluations, but this resource can help you monitor FFA Awards as the move to your state evaluation and in some cases allows you to submit FFA Apps from your program to your regional association.

Texas Teachers Online Award Submission      
Check out this two-page guide on how to submit your award applications online through AET: Texas Teachers Online Submission Guide.pdf

Check out this Frequently Asked Questions Guide regarding the online submission process as a teacher!

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