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  Program of Activities (POA) & Strategic Planning Tools  

AET Educational Guides      
(1) The Developing Your Chapter's Strategic Plan Guide (PDF) offers important ideas to (1) develop a mission for your program and annual goals, (2) identify leaders, (3) create/manage activities and (4) review a budget
(2) Managing PoA Event Details in AET Guide (PDF) covers specific details of an activity such as goals, important dates, outcomes and photos
(3) The Chapter Event Attendance (Scanning in Participants) Guide (PDF) explains how to document attendance at chapter events using student ID cards.
(4) The Developing a Chapter Strategic Plan PowerPoint (PDF) can help students understand the process 
(5) Connecting AET POA Event Details to FFA’s National Chapter Award Application Guide (PDF) - How to use AET POA-managed events to complete a National Chapter Award application.

AET Worksheets      
(1) The POA Activity Planning Worksheet (PDF) (MS Word) / Great Officer Training Activity!
(2) Use the AET's Strategic Planning Budget Worksheet (PDF) to outline key areas of your budget, which is an important part for planning your year / Great officer activity

Video Resources      
(1) Strategic Plan Reporting (2 min video) - Printing and sharing ideas 
(2) POA Details Reporting (2 min video) - Printing a report from your key activities
(3) Reviewing Chapter and Student Pictures through the Teacher Portfolio (3 min video) - Gathering program and student photos for banquets

Other Educational Video Resources:

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"The National Chapter Award Program is designed to recognize FFA chapters that actively implement the mission and strategies of the organization... Chapters are rewarded for providing educational experiences for the entire membership."
FFA National Chapter

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