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  Getting Teachers Started  
(1) Teacher Getting Started Guide (PDF) and (CA Teacher Ver.) covers AET basics for teachers 
(2) Managing Student Accounts Guide (PDF) and accompanying Video (5 min) details how to manage your list of your students (adding new students, active status, password reset, transferring and more)
(3) Managing the active and inactive student accounts video (4 min.) is a common question, so this video focuses on that process.
(4) Managing Photos Guide (PDF) and accompanying Video (3 min) shares how images and documents are managed in The AET
(5) SAE Learning Outcomes differ by project area, but view these common activities and sharing with your students can help in getting student started in their SAE plans and records.

Teacher Journal Guides (Support/Grow your extended contract)      
    Teacher Journal (Support/Grow your extended contract)
(1) The Teacher Journal Video (6 min) covers this section of AET or through using AETmobile

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