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FFA awards are the result of good records and the following resources are to assist AET users. Each of the following videos have a targeted topic, so review the ones that relate to your experiences:

Managing Your Records in The AET
for FFA Award Success
Tips for your FFA award through the
AET Record Book
  Introduction to The AET (Day 1)
The basics & connecting to
FFA awards (3 min.)
  Reviewing AET Records
for Award Applications (9 min.)

  AET Profile Information (Day 1 cont.)
Beginning student account
information (4 min.)
    2018 Texas State Degree
Summary (5 min.)

  Setting up AET Experiences (Day 2)
(SAEs) & Annual Review In
FFA Awards (12 min.)
  CA State FFA Degree
Tips, Details and Help
(8 min.)

  Managing SAE Photos & AET Mobile
*New How to import and use photos
in FFA applications
  Star Application
Tips & Processes (11 min.)
State to National levels

  Beginning Financial Values for SAEs
and how illustrated in FFA awards (6 min.)
  Entrepreneurship App.
Tips & Processes (15 min.)

  Current Inventory Values (investment)
in The AET and values in FFA awards
(8 min.)
  Placement Application
Tips & Process (13 min.)
  Recording "Usage" of Non-Current
in SAEs (5 min.)
*New- Essential in FFA Prof. Awards!
  Research Application
Tips & Process (15 min.)

  Managing Placement SAEs
in The AET and FFA Awards
(12 min.)

  Managing Market Animal Projects
in The AET and FFA Awards
(8 min.)

  Managing Breeding Animal Projects
in The AET & FFA Awards
(19 min.)

  Managing Research Projects
in The AET & FFA Awards
(9 min.)

  Student Help

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