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  The AET assists users nationwide each school year to manage time and financial resources both inside and outside the classroom.
Whether student, teacher or region user, The AET aggregates data to produce impactful reports.

Usage statistics since July 1 (View More):
11,522 3,271 7,816
Students Schools Active Projects (SAE, WBL)
78,768 300,316 $ 6,500,203
Skills Journaled Experiential Learning Hours Financial Experience Value

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Teacher Features & Resources Teacher Help   |  AET in the Classroom
  Grow Your Extended Contract  
  Teacher duties often extend outside the classroom. Capture time spent at SAE visits, FFA competitions and more.

  Manage Meetings & POA  
  Strategic planning resources are industry- aligned to help manage your program of activities.

  Reports & SAE Grading  
  Track student engagement with gradable reports and communicate your program’s economic impact to stakeholders.

Student Features & Resources Student Help   |  Explore SAE
  Manage Finances & Time  
  Track not only income and expenses, but capital items such as livestock, heavy equipment, and other necessary assets for project management.  
  Earn Recognition  
  Apply for FFA awards, and connect with colleges and companies you are interested in and make career plans.

  Generate Powerful Reports  
  Better understand and communicate your accomplishments through impressive data analytics.

Manage Records ON THE MOVE!
The AET mobile application allows students to develop a profile, track Supervised Agricultural Experiences and FFA activities on their smart phone or tablet! This app also simplifies record keeping and is customized based on each student's SAE projects.
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