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Students can use "Practice AET" (not their real account), which allows them to:
  • Create an account,
  • Work through SAE examples, and
  • Print reports and turn in as a grade.
Practice AET is found under Resources > Practice AET (website menu) before students log in, they develop a practice AET account which separates their practice work from their real AET account.

SAE Practice Entries (Great Classroom or Homework Assignments)      
New SAE Guides-
       Breeding Cattle SAE Guide - PDF
       School-based SAE Guide - PDF

Foundational SAE - Example Assignments (8/26/19)
Student Handout - PDF or MS-Word to edit

Entrepreneurship SAE - Show Steer SAE (rev. 11/28/12)
  Student Handout - Instructions & Entry Info (PDF) Key- SAE Report  / Key- Capital Items Report / Key - Animal Analysis Report

Placement SAE - Veterinary Job & Roles for (1) Small Animal Care, (2) Vet Eq. Maint. and (3) Unpaid Large Animal Care to illustrate a single job and detail skills (Rev. 8-16-16)
  Student Handout - Instructions & Entry Info (PDF) (Word) Key - SAE Report for:
(1) Small Animal Care /
(2) SAE Report Vet Eq. Maint.
(3) SAE Unpaid Large Animal Care

Research SAE - Wildlife Habitat Example Entries (11/28/12)
  Student Handout - Instructions & Entry Info (PDF) (Word) Key- SAE Report


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