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  Foundational SAE  
The Managing Foundational Projects Guide (PDF) details a summary of steps for these base projects. Learn how to get started with SAE projects and how to build a foundation to move into one of the other SAE categories. 

Check out our video resources covering Foundational SAEs in AET!
Foundational SAEAET Foundational SAE Activity:
1. Use the Foundational SAE Outline (MS-Word) / (PDF ver), includes common activities & steps for success.
2. Add our Career Exploration "worksheet" (MS-Word) / (PDF ver) to help document items from O*net 

Learn more about these projects from the National Council on Agricultural Education.
Some great SAE for All Resources:
1. Student self-awareness guide - link / MS Word Guide

This SAE type includes projects such as:
   (1) Career Exploration & Planning,
   (2) Experiences to gain employment or become college ready,
   (3) Personal financial management,
   (4) Safety education and
   (5) Agricultural Literacy/education.

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