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  Entrepreneurship SAE  
The step-by-step Managing Entrepreneurship Projects Guide (PDF) details how each step helps define the types of records that typically describe entries for these SAEs.

The following SAE Scenario guides define the steps for each type of Entrepreneurship SAE project:

Lawn mowing Business - (PDF) - an example for running your own service business
Market Steer Guide (PDF) - outlines the important steps for a market show animal SAE
Show Heifer/Developing Heifer Guide (PDF) - develop a young breeding animal
*(revised) Scramble Certificate Guide (PDF) - handle earning a scramble certificate
Breeding Cattle Guide (PDF) - manage a breeding stock operation
Market Broiler Guide (PDF) - manage a market poultry operation
Performance Horse Business Guide (PDF) - manage a horse training/rodeo operation
Bass Angler Guide (PDF) - manage an SAE that focuses on natural resources and competitions
Outdoor Sportman Guide (PDF) - manage a wildlife entrepreneurship service business
Tractor Restoration Guide (PDF) - manage a business that involves purchasing and selling equipment
Breeding Rabbits Using Breeding Herd Manager Guide (PDF) - manage a small animal SAE project

Beginning Values Worksheet      
Beginning inventory worksheet can be used to help organize items on hand prior to beginning agricultural education that are used in SAE projects.  (Linked here)

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