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  Teacher Grading Resources & Program Value Reports  
Grading Resources for Teachers      
(1) Top 10 Grading Tools in AET! This 1-page guide offers potential areas from the basics to advanced grading tools to help keep students on task.
(2) SAE Grading Report offers a way to easily view SAE (#1) planning, (#2) records, and (#3) reflection by a date of involvement, education course, SAE type and more.
(3) Grading SAE Skills in AET Video (6 min.) shows how you can validate SAE skills students have recorded in AET.

Key Program Reports      
(1) Our Economic Impact Report Summary Guide (PDF) / Video (8 min.) summarizes your program's records into an easy 2-page report
(2) Annual SAE summary video (5 min.) in AET - helps review students with and without and SAE by school year

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